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Website for Yenlaw

Website Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C.:

The website for Sara has been an ongoing project that I’ve worked on for her for many years. There have been four iterations of the design, all of which I designed, developed, and maintain to this day. This last version has been the easiest and best to both design and maintain. Her site is a fairly simple one with several content types including a blog, services pages, resources, website policy pages, and a contact page with a form that ties in to her CRM for easy client management.

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As you can see in the screenshot (and on her website), due to Covid-19, we’ve had to revise her hero/main area near the top of her site to something that describes her process for working with folks during this pandemic, along with a link to reach out to her to set up a zoom meeting. Websites have to be malleable in order to change with the times.

Content Management System Used:  WordPress

Theme:  Custom designed and developed specifically for this website.

Other work done for Sara K. Yen, P.C.:

business card design | logo design