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Website Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C.:

Sara has been in business for almost 20 years now. Over that time, I’ve managed the website (and her branding), the entire life of her business. There have been five iterations of the website design. I’ve designed, developed, and maintained each website to this day. It’s an ongoing project that is a joy to do. In May 2023, we embarked on a rebrand for Sara’s business. While her business name is still “Sara K. Yen, P.C.” her “brand” name is now “Yenlaw”. View her new logo with the new brand name.

This new version was really fun to do. We kept the same backend setup – sticking with WordPress. Then we took her branding into the new site, simplifying the design and layout. We had some fun with the content, bringing a bit of a new take to the voice used in the site. Everything after that flowed together quite nicely.

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Just like businesses, websites have to be malleable in order to change with the times. In order to move forward into some new client bases, we made sure what’s on the site works for younger people, yet still being navigable for people who are older. What we ended up with is a real reflection of who she is, and what she offers for her clients.

Content Management System Used:  WordPress

Theme:  Custom designed and developed specifically for this website.

Other work done for Sara K. Yen, P.C.:

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