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Logo for Yenlaw

Logo Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C., Attorney:

Sara is an attorney with her own practice who helps people build comprehensive estate plans, wills and trusts. She came to me because she needed a logo. I met with her, and after a few meetings to discuss ideas, discover who her ideal clients were, and her business goals, I started to work on designing her logo. The collaborative process helped us really tailor the her vision for her business, and this is the result.

Logo Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C. Attorney - Box OnlySara wanted a clean, semi-modern motif, and didn’t want anything to traditionally “lawyer-y”. I used her initials (SKY) in a clean, straight-lined typeface, overlaid on a box with three color sections. The type and the box shapes illustrate how the business (and its owner) intersect with many-faceted parts and as a whole, which fit her to a T. I designed several initial concepts with variations showing different arrangements of text and shapes on the initials, but this was her favorite. The typeface used in the logo is Humanist in various weights. It’s very clean and classic in shape without being boring. As for colors, we used a solid navy blue, sky blue (two shades), and a soft khaki tan-green.

Logo Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C. Attorney

The logo has been through several iterations, including a phase with drop-shadows, and one with an extra line around the outside, but we recently cleaned it up and this is the most current version. I also designed one in just grayscale for printing on a printer that doesn’t do color printing. And further down in this post you’ll also see one with the box extended so she can use it on her online accounts (done this way so any account icon or image set up in a “circle” won’t cut off the lettering).

Logo Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C. Attorney - Grayscale version

Logo Design for Sara K. Yen, P.C. Attorney - Box Only for Social Media and Apps

Other work done for Sara K. Yen:

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