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Website for Trouble with Trebles

Website Design for Trouble with Trebles Vocal Group:

Initially I built a one-page website, hand-coded using HTML and CSS just so the group could have something up on the internet. Then I built a second, more expanded website, which had performance dates, group information, and members biographies as well as our group history, and performance photos.

The most recent iteration of the TWT website was migrated over to WordPress and eventually I fleshed out other areas of the site, such as the blog (under “NEWS”), and we have separate pages for booking and for contacting us, making it easier for people to reach out to us for information or to book us for a performance.

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Content Management System Used:  WordPress

Theme:  Custom designed and developed specifically for this website.

Other work done for Trouble with Trebles Vocal Group:

business card design | logo design