Logo for Pickled Beet

Logo Design for Pickled Beet:

Angela contacted me to design a logo for her new nutritionist business. I met with her, and after a few meetings to discuss her ideas, discover who her ideal clients were, and what her goals were for her business, I started to work on designing her logo and branding. The collaborative process helped us really tailor the her vision for her business, and this is the result.

Logo Design for Pickled Beet Nutritionist - Main with Tagline

The typeface used in this logo is Aleo. The serifs remind me of the bumps on pickles, yet the typeface itself is still very clean and readable. I designed several initial concepts with variations showing different vegetables, but this was her favorite.

The three words used under logo capture the core of what her business is all about. In the main logo, the signature colors for the words “Pickled” and “Beet” which are a vegetable green and beet-like maroon. Then for the tagline in the primary logo, we used a charcoal gray. Once the primary logo was chosen, I also designed a couple of variations without the tagline and a couple of versions for use on dark backgrounds.

Logo Design for Pickled Beet Nutritionist - Alternate with Tagline

Logo Design for Pickled Beet Nutritionist - Alternate with Tagline


Other work done for Pickled Beet:

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