Logo for NWVST

Logo Design for NW Vibrational Sound TherapyLogo Design for NW Vibrational Sound Therapy:

For NW Vibrational Sound Therapy, I sat down and had a discussion with Michelle, owner and licensed therapist for NW Vibrational Sound Therapy. We talked about things she liked, and things she didn’t like. Then I had her collect pictures of things she saw that she liked that she saw. The things she sent didn’t have to be related to what she does necessarily, nor did it have to be “logos” or “graphic design.” Essentially I wanted her to send me things that spoke to her, whether it was a color, a landscape, the shape of a piece of artwork… anything. As I was looking through the ideas, one thing stood out, and that was the dragonfly. The dragonfly is symbolic in that it represents hope, love, and joy, and it can also represent change and transformation, all of which are hallmarks of her Sound Therapy practice.

For the dragonfly on the design, I drew, then refined a continuous line as the shape for the dragonfly. We chose a color palette used some of the softer colors of the desert, along with a deep, almost black plum color for the “black” on the logo and lettering. This is the lovely result. I also included a version without the colors – just a line only, a grayscale version (in chase she needs to print without a color printer), and a white line/reversed version for use on dark backgrounds (not shown).


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