Logo for Green Trees Crochet

Logo Design for Green Trees Crochet

Logo Design for Green Trees Crochet

Logo Design for Green Trees Crochet:

This logo design project was near and dear to my heart because crochet is a hobby of mine. Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy making blankets, scarves, and hats. I just love to crochet, and the chance to design a logo for a new shop going in nearby was a fantastic opportunity I could not pass up.

For this, I sat down with owner Jennifer Crutchfield. We talked about what she needed for her shop that was, as of yet, to be opened. I sent her a design document which asked her a variety of things related to her business. This document also had a lot of questions related to what she likes, what she doesn’t like, her clients, and more. I also had her send me pictures of things she saw that she felt matched what she did in her business – this helped get the right vibe going for her logo design. It also helped me start working on the ideas for the logo design that would fit her business and the homey feeling she wished to portray to her customers. She sent me things that spoke to her, whether it was a color, a landscape, the shape of a piece of artwork… anything. As I was looking through the ideas, one thing stood out, and that was the colors of trees in Oregon. Given that her business name is “Green Trees” we decided along the lines of the lovely mossy dark green, lighter moss green, and a gray-blue that we all see around the region in the water, the rain, the clouds, and the sky.

With those ideas in mind, I used a deep, dark moss/pine green for the verbiage of the logo/lettering and. This is the fun and “crafty” result. She also received variations of the logo in black, and in white (to put on darker items), as well as each logo in a solid version using each color in this design.

I recently went to the Green Trees Crochet shop, and it’s a fun place with lots of yarn, project ideas, and even classes available.